New projection screen concept defeats bright environments

The Uchida Research Laboratory at Tohoku University has demonstrated a new projection screen, designed to overcome high ambient brightness using the theory of Diffused Light Control (DLC), according to Diginfo.TV. The screen is made of a reflective panel and diffusion film, with the projector below projecting onto the screen from a low angle.

The reflective screen changes the direction of the light entering from below towards observers, and the diffusion film diffuses that light, in order to show images to the viewer.

"Conferences may be held in bright locations, so it will no longer be necessary to draw curtains closed to use a projector. Therefore it can be light enough for people to take notes, and they can also avoid making people drowsy, which seems to be unavoidable when you make the room dark. Also, since clear images can be projected in a brightly lit room, it can also be used for digital signage,” commented the demonstrator.

The screen on show had seams due to the size of the diffusion panels used, but if larger diffusion panels are made, it would be possible to make a large display with no seams.

The University also notes that direct sunlight poses an additional challenge due to its extreme brightness, but that that is the next intended area of development.

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