New presentation scaler/switcher

New presentation scaler/switcher
The VP-728 from Kramer is a new 9-input scaler/switcher that incorporates Silicon Optix HQV video processing chips. The VP-728 improves upon the technology and ease-of-use found in the existing ProScale with the addition of HQV.

The new processing technology introduces higher quality de-interlacing, noise reduction and scaling performance for both SD and HD signals.

The unit is HDTV and HDCP compatible and includes the following input options: 3-wire universal video inputs on RCA connectors (each can be composite, s or component video selectable from a menu), 2 15-pin computer video inputs, 2 HDMI inputs. There is also a USB input for firmware upgrades or uploading jpg images.

There are also stereo audio inputs available for each of the six analogue video inputs, and the unit will output both analogue stereo audio and S/PDIF audio.

Outputs include both an HDMI and 15-pin HD connectors, available simultaneously unless an HDCP input is detected. In this case on the HDMI output is active.

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