New glasses free 3D display overcomes resolution compromises

New glasses free 3D display overcomes resolution compromises
NLT Technologies (formerly NEC LCD Technologies) has prototyped a naked-eye 3D LCD display that has six viewpoints. NLT’s HxDP technology is an advancement to the company’s HDDP (Horizontally Double-Density Pixels) technology designed to enable multi-view stereoscopic displays for use in a variety of industrial applications, such as 3D CAD/CAM, medical, and mapping/topography.

Conventional LCDs are based on square pixel arrangements, with RGB sub-pixels distributed in vertical stripes with two pixels required to display a 3D image, cutting the display’s horizontal resolution in half. With NLT’s HxDP technology, the six-view, 2D/3D 3.1-inch display prototype module is composed of horizontally striped RGB colour pixels, each consisting of three sub-pixels that are striped horizontally and split in 1/6 length-wise, resulting in a resolution six times that of 3D LCD modules constructed with vertically striped pixels.

Alternating displays of the horizontal pixels for each eye produces the desired 3D images. The HxDP technology also makes it possible for 2D and 3D images to be displayed simultaneously in the same resolution on the same screen without the need for 3D glasses.

One common issue with 3D displays is 3D cross talk, which occurs when the human visual system mixes left-eye and right-eye information, causing the 3D effects to be limited or decreased. NLT says that its new HxDP 3D technology results in displays with reduced levels of overall 3D cross talk and a wide 3D viewing area, allowing easy viewing of the images.

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