New AV remote controller

New AV remote controller
Crestron has announced the availability of its new MLX-2 handheld remote. It features Crestron infiNET EX two-way wireless RF with long-range communications.

Advanced mesh network technology gives the MLX-2 good reliability, feedback and dynamic frequency allocation. 57 programmable buttons enable tactile control over everything from whole house automation to corporate boardrooms.

A large LCD screen displays dynamic text, supporting scrolling menus, media titles and other text information.

The CEN-RFGW-EX infiNET EX gateway stores and process all the programming data, button presses and display changes for up to 16 MLX-2 remotes. As a result, each unit draws very little power. The gateway continuously synchronises with the control system to seamlessly communicate with any MLX-2 on the network.

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