New Absen role strengthens its R&D efforts in Europe

New Absen role strengthens its R&D efforts in Europe
Absen Europe has added Lang AG’s Christian Czimny to its team after announcing him as its R&D director for the LED manufacturer’s EU business unit.

The new role is Absen’s first R&D position based in Europe and will see Czimny take the lead on establishing an R&D team in the region.

Czimny, who started his role on July 1, will work closely with Absen Europe’s team based in the Rüsselsheim HQ in Germany, where he will also host customer visits. He will also travel frequently to Absen’s China-based HQ and manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen and Huizhou respectively. He will also be tasked with site visits to customers in Europe to gather feedback, as well as to industry fairs and to suppliers.

The role will also see Czimny work with Stone Shi, Absen’s chief technology officer; taking responsibility for the overall coordination, functional management and development of the European LED display product portfolio. He will remain in close communication and cooperation with counterparts in the R&D department in Shenzhen. 

Czimny joins Absen from Lang AG, where he was LED product manager and event technology specialist for 15 years. 

He said: “It’s great to be part of such a big company and have the ability to influence the products at such an early stage as part of the R&D team.”

Stone Shi, added: “Christian is a huge asset to our team as we look to further expand our reach in Europe by developing an even more tailored portfolio of products which addresses the specific needs of the European market. He brings great experience, knowledge and perspective to the table thanks to a career spanning more than three decades in the event and LED industries. He will help us to ensure that emerging technologies are adopted in our products as soon as possible and reinforce our commitment to excellent quality through critical analysis of all our processes.”

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