Neutrik tackles counterfeiters

Neutrik tackles counterfeiters
Counterfeiters were targeted this week with a Neutrik plan to include unique holograms on its products. The holograms include the name and logo of the manufacturer and will be showcased at this year’s Infocomm show.

Furthermore the company will use an authenticity seal on its individual and carton packaging.

Neutrik said counterfeit products can damage a company’s reputation, when users find inferior performance from what was thought to be a premium product. It warned that fake components, made of lower grade materials, could provide connections that are not secure leading to a loss in audio quality.

To avoid unauthorised exports of Neutrik products from the US to Europe, all shipments are specially marked, on both the individual packing and the carton packages, "designed and manufactured for the US market”. If products with this mark appear outside the US, Neutrik requests its customers to inform them.

“Neutrik is committed to protecting its brand and reputation,” president of Neutrik, Jim Cowan, said.

“Our new signature hologram will ensure that our customers receive a genuine Neutrik product.”

Neutrik manufactures XLR connectors and receptacles, jacks and plugs, speaker connectors and accessories for the professional audio industry.

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