Neom launches 'theatre of the future' called Utamo

Neom launches
The board of directors of Neom, the new city complex being built in the northwest of Saudi Arabia, have announced Utamo, an immersive destination for art and entertainment to host global artists.

Cocooned in a mountain located along the Gulf of Aqaba coastline, Utamo is being dubbed the 'theatre of the future' by it owners, will host music events, exhibitions, and art installations. Designed by Spanish studio Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura, the venue aimes to be a place where art and architecture blend harmoniously.

Guests will arrive at Utamo via an extended pathway of a garden promenade, featuring more than 50 species of shrubs, herbs and flowers, before reaching the grand hall which has a 64-metre-high entrance. The grand hall will have a capacity of 2,600 people. Utamo will also house VIP lounges and signature restaurants.

Details on the technology inside are scarce although the press release says "Advanced AV systems will captivate guests with sensory experiences, enveloping them in audio-visual wonder as they become part of the performance itself."

Utamo is the eighth Neom destination of 10 to be announced. These will also include an octagon-shaped port city named Oxagon, the mirrored mega-city The Line and an island resort called Sindalah.





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