Need a network guru?

Need a network guru?
Digigram, a specialist in PC audio interfaces and networked audio devices, has launched an online directory of network audio gurus.

The directory is designed to offer website visitors instant access to the right kind of expertise for their projects. The directory is free to register and open to all consultants, system designers, contractors etc. with network audio experience who wish to promote their services via the pages of EtherSound. Interested parties can create their own profile, describe their field of expertise etc.

According to Digigram’s marketing communications manager, Remi Oudinot, this is an excellent opportunity for all network audio experts to increase their visibility within the market place. “We get over 6,000 visitors per month to,” he explained. “Many of those will be looking at the site to see how they can incorporate EtherSound technology into their project and if it offers them the solutions that they need. If, in addition to the technical information provided by the site, we can also offer a comprehensive international directory of audio professionals with proven expertise in audio networks using EtherSound, it’s a great value-adding bonus for all concerned. It’s the ideal place to start.”

“The principal registration requirement is that applicants must have hands-on experience of using EtherSound and/or designing systems incorporating EtherSound networks,” continued Oudinot. “Clearly we want to promote the technology of EtherSound, but the people who use EtherSound are as important as the technology itself; hence our aim in creating the Network Audio Guru site is to offer exposure to the people that have used or are currently using EtherSound in real-life, mission critical projects. Beyond that, we wish to remain as brand-agnostic as possible in order to encourage maximum participation for the benefit of all concerned.”

“As well as being an invaluable tool for our customers, we believe the Network Audio Guru directory is an excellent marketing opportunity that offers all sorts of spin-off benefits to the “gurus” who choose to become a part of it. If you are an audio networking specialist with EtherSound experience, we strongly encourage you to come and register. It will take five minutes of your time and it’s free, so you have nothing to lose!”

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