NEC seminar about surveillance in Singapore

NEC seminar about surveillance in Singapore
NEC held a seminar at Pan Pacific to discuss the state of surveillance today, compare the options available on the market and showcase their own surveillance solutions. The seminar was attended by a host of end users and partners.

Quah Sae Soon from NEC shared the fact that humans (97.5% accuracy) still fare better than software (96.5% accuracy) when it comes to correctly recognizing faces. However, as can be expected, the human rate of accuracy drops significantly when the number of faces required to be identified rises.

He also detailed that the current focus for face recognition software is to improve accuracy and have better angle toleration as well as accounting for gender and age. The improved features are expected to be brought about by increasing the richness and quantity of data points face recognition analyzes.

Interestingly, Quah Sae Soon shared the fact that the private sector has been outspendin the government sector when it comes to face recognition solutions. Transport sector, financial sector and gaming & hospitality sector were pinpointed as areas of growth. The areas employ face recognition solutions to help with flow management, secure access and VIP identification / black lists.

Helen Chua, sales director APAC for NEC, gave further insight regarding the specific solutions NEC can provide. These include NEC NeoFace Reveal, NEC NeoFace Watch and NEC NeoFace Smart ID. The latter is particular sports integration with smart devices which can be converted into biometric input devices as long as the correct attachments are present. She also stressed on the solutions’ pixel-by-pixel matching process which she stated gave NEC NeoFace solutions their superior performance.

The NEC biometrics solutions have been employed by India to provide unique identification cards to its populations.

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