NEC portable AR device supports field workers

NEC portable AR device supports field workers
NEC is tipped to unveil a wearable AR device that incorporates face recognition, voice recognition and data from cloud computing for field working and entertainment. The company has just released its latest Tele Scouter system which consists of specialised glasses with a head-mounted display that inserts transparent video into the user’s range of vision.

NEC says the system, which includes a compact computer to provide content, is designed to support field operations for a wide range of industries.

The system can also be provided with camera-equipped glasses, microphones and earphones. It has a high-resolution LCD head-mounted display. The compact, lightweight computer has Bluetooth functionality for communication with external devices.

NEC believes that it will soon be able to integrate face recognition, voice recognition and big data from cloud computing to provide augmented reality and entertainment applications.

Sales of Tele Scouter are scheduled to begin in Japan from 26 December 2011.

NEC will exhibit Tele Scouter at the C&C User Forum & iEXPO 2011 November 10 and 11 at the Tokyo International Forum (Yurakucho).

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