Vast majority of teachers think VR has value in the classroom

Vast majority of teachers think VR has value in the classroom
Research commissioned by Lenovo shows almost all teachers (94%) in the UK think that Virtual Reality (VR) would benefit the classroom, with nearly half (42%) estimating it will be commonplace in the next five years.

The research shows that teachers also propose that technologies such as VR will be crucial in creating the workforce of tomorrow, with 84 per cent predicting future jobs will be heavily influenced by tech.  

While VR is generally a new addition to classroom learning and its consumer uses are still being explored, the overwhelming use case to bring it to schools was clear throughout the study. Although only a quarter (23%) of teachers have used VR in the classroom thus far, almost all of these (97%) found that it made for more engaged students.

Of all teachers surveyed, over a third (36%) admit that they have struggled to make things in the world real and relatable when their students have not experienced them previously, and 42% say they often don’t have the time to do so. However, two-thirds (66%) believe these problems can be solved through VR, with the ability to bring things to life called out as the biggest benefit of the technology.

Over two thirds (68%) think the use of VR technology to overcome financial or physical barriers that some students face is desirable and as well as these uses, three in four teachers (74%) stated that there will be a positive effect on the design and creativity skills of students. Over half (57%) claim that VR can actually help build aspirations for students regarding the types of jobs they want to do.

Obstacles still remain for teachers in delivering the best experiences though, with over two thirds (71%) saying budgets are the biggest hurdle they face, followed by lack of technology (50%) and time (44%). In-line with technology being one of the top three issues, 73% of teachers agree that it is also the key facilitator to move classrooms forward into the future, and 55% firmly believe that VR will see an up-turn in grades.

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