Nanjing Stadium installed with LAX for YOG

Nanjing Stadium installed with LAX for YOG
For the Nanjing Youth Olympic games a LAX line array system comprising of 12in two way cabinets and dual 18in subwoofers was selected and installed. Guangzhou Ruifeng Audio Technology Corporation was enlisted to provide sound reinforcement services.

Ling Zibin, general manager of LAX, said: “The audio system designer He Biao was keen to improve the sound quality in the stadium. The old composite sound system was removed and a new LAX line array system attached to the ceiling. It uses 12 groups of speakers to cover the upper three floors of the stand. Both sides had six groups, each spaced 50m apart.”

The main PA system comprises of 104 units of OP4924L and 104 units of AT3212 full-range enclosures combined with 48 units of IC218B subwoofers. A portable system was also deployed in order to provide coverage for the lowest stands and field of play area. These comprise of 24 groups with each group including 4in line-array cabinets, two dual 18in subwoofers and two M2115s monitors.

At the ceremony itself a DiGiCo SD7 was employed to serve as the main mixing console with an SD10 combined with a dual-redundancy optical fiber audio network for backup. . Additionally, a Roland M200i V-Mixer was used for event announcements and Roland M48s for personal monitoring.

He Biao, sound designer for the event, said:”The Nanjing YOG PA system fully meets the needs of performance. The sound is exquisite with lots of details, and I think the stability, power and the timbre of the LAX system can compete with other world class brands without any doubt. He added: “As for big events like the YOG, system safety is the main priority. I used hundreds of amplifiers in this opening ceremony and none of them were broken."

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