Music Group appoints Prase Engineering as Italian distributor

Music Group appoints Prase Engineering as Italian distributor
Music, one of the world’s largest pro-audio manufacturers has signed a major distribution deal in Italy with Prase Engineering, to sell its its brands which include Midas, Klark Teknik, Lab.gruppen, Lake, Tannoy and Turbosound.

"The new addition of Midas, Klark Teknik, and Turbosound to our existing portfolio has re-awoken us, and our customers, who are completely thrilled to have access to even more award-winning products produced by Music." said Ennio Prase, CEO of Prase Media Technologies.

"We thrive on truly getting to know our customers and this makes for an ideal relationship with Music - it is built of 4,000 people who believe in exactly the same values as we do."

Chris Hinds, Senior Manager of Touchpoint Europe at Music added, "Music looks for partners that live and breathe our core values. Prase offer an outstanding customer experience with an after sales support which is second to none. They are already doing amazing work in Italy so this is just the very start of incredible things to come."

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