Museums turn to Google Glass to guide visitors around

Museums turn to Google Glass to guide visitors around
The humble audio guide may about to become a thing of the past, as Google has revealed this week it has selected GuidiGO, a provider of guided tours for mobile devices, for its Glass at Work program. The use of Google Glass in museums and visitor centres could herald a new dimension in bringing together artwork and artifacts with multi-dimensional storytelling.

The deal between Google and GuidiGo is the result of Google's Glass at Work initiative, which certifies companies that make Glass apps specifically for businesses.

Over the last 6 months GuidiGO has conducted several pilot programs with two museums in the U.S. working with curators, education and visitor departments to create the software.
Designed  to  be  non-intrusive,  GuidiGO  for  Glass  offers  a  learning  experience  for
museum  visitors,  without  interfering  with  the  works  of  art.  Images  and  videos  automatically appear  at  the  most  appropriate  times  during  the  narrative  audio,  visual  cues  allow  them  to discover  what  is  invisible  to  the  naked  eye,  image  recognition  identifies  the  artwork  and automatically  launches  the  right  content.

In  addition  to  image  recognition,  GuidiGO  for  Glass provides  indoor  navigation  and  positioning,  enabling  visitors  to  enjoy  a  tour  without  worrying about where to go next.
GuidiGO will soon be available through MyGlass. This means museums and cultural sites will be
able to access the Glass technology and make it available to their visitors without any code.

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