Mitsubishi throws it short

AUTHOR: Inavate

Mitsubishi’s Visual Information Systems division has introduced a range of short throw projectors and an accompanying, specially designed boom arm for ease of installation.

Both the XD500U-ST and the new WD500U-ST utilise the latest DLP technology for filter free projection. The XD500U-ST is available in a standard white chassis, or in an orange version for education applications. It is capable of projecting a 60” diagonal image from a distance of 33” at XGA resolution.

The WD500U-ST is the WXGA model and can produce the same image from an even closer 28”.

All of Mitsubishi’s short throw projectors feature mitsubishi’s six-segment colour wheel (R,G,B,W,Y,C) enables more vivid colours, and the colour screen wall function allows the user to choose from a variety of different colour backgrounds and surfaces.