Mipro provides wireless solution to Church in Taiwan

AUTHOR: Inavate

The Sainte-Ode Catholic Church is located in Chiayi, a city in the southwestern plains of Taiwan and was built in mosaic architectural style featuring high ceilings, ornate glass and classic lines. The church recently installed Mipro audio solutions to provide sound at the venue.

Daniel Ku, the consultant handling the project, felt that the acoustics felt the acoustics posed a challenge as the sanctuary was highly reverberant and the existing sound system needed to be replaced. Working on a limited budget and being concerned with preserving the church’s aesthetics, Ku states that any solution would have to be chosen carefully.

The main concerns of the end-user were that the sound system installation should not include large or medium-sized active or passive speakers typically presented by other speaker manufacturers to preserve the look of the church. Also unsightly cable runs would blemish the aesthetics of this historical and sacred environment.

After analysis Ku suggested the Mipro MA-303 PA system to meet the needs of the church. The entire system comprised of four MA-303S single-channel wireless portable PA system, one ACT-312B dual-channel diversity receiver, one ACT-312BT quad-channel diversity receiver, one AD-707a 4-channel antenna divider, four ACT-32H handheld transmitter microphones, two ACT-32T body pack transmitters, two MU53HN head worn microphones and one MT-90A wireless interlinking transmitter.

Ku commented: “This is an unparalleled totally wireless solution utilizing the MA-303 PA Systems. Besides the tremendous time & initial cost savings there is very low-maintenance requirements and is easily expandable by adding more MA-303 systems with built in receivers to cover more areas in the church. Since MIPRO wireless PA systems can be powered by either AC or rechargeable battery, the MA-303 systems offer the ability to place remote speakers where other active speakers cannot be easily added or installed. This system can be used effortlessly for indoor & outdoor applications.”