Middle East and Africa leads EMEA growth ’“ InfoComm

Middle East and Africa leads EMEA growth ’“ InfoComm
The global AV market is set to grow 14% from 2016 to 2017, with the Middle East and Africa leading the way for EMEA with 17% growth according to InfoComm International.

The statistics are revealed as part of the commercial AV trade association’s 2016 Global Pro-AV Distribution Channel and Trends Report that analyses how products and services move through the market.

InfoComm says the report analyses overall distribution and channel trends, including the growing role of distributors, how services differentiate integrators, consumer products as components of commercial offerings and the proliferation of hybrid models. It provides a global perspective in Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Latin America and North America. The study also examines how 14 different product categories move through the channel. 

While it predicts 14% global growth from 2016 to 2017, it notes that North America, Latin America and Europe are expected to grow at low double digits. Asia-Pacific is likely to grow at 18%, with stronger-than-expected results from China and India. 

It also notes the need for distributors to add services – such as technical training and sales support – to add value and increase margins. Content creation is highlighted as service that AV integrators have added with success.

InfoComm has also found benefits to well managed product commoditisation, which might reduce margins but could increase sales. 

Key findings come in the form of the differing channel approaches for different product categories. Displays and cables, connectors and adaptors are the most likely categories to be sold by manufacturers to end users. Control systems are the least likely. Screen and shades are most likely to be sold through a multichannel approach. 

InfoComm engaged Lewis Research to conduct the report, which involved a primary survey, in-depth interviews, secondary data sources and past InfoComm research, to uncover key trends that impact the stakeholders throughout the pro-AV channel.
The report is available now: infocomm.org/research
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