Microsoft working on new 3D holographic display system

It’s CES in Las Vegas this week, which always throws up heaps of interesting new bits and pieces of interest to the AV world. We’ve been tracking Microsoft Research’s forays into interactive displays for some time, but this one looks like the most polished so far. It’s not strictly “touchable”, but it does give a full 3D type experience without glasses, and above a surface rather than buried underneath it. Watch the video and let us know what you think via Twitter.

This is what MS Research has to say on the matter : “Vermeer is a novel interactive 360° viewable display suitable for a tabletop form factor from Microsoft Research Cambridge. It provides viewpoint corrected stereoscopic 3D graphics to simultaneous users 360° around the display, without the need for eyewear or other user instrumentation. In contrast to other systems, Vermeer allows users for the first time, to reach into and directly touch 3D objects inside a display volume. It also enables simultaneous users 360° viewing of the 3D object. Inherently other 360° systems restrict interactions to outside the display volume behind a protective glass or plastic dome.”