Microsoft showcases innovations at Techfest

Microsoft showcases innovations at Techfest
Microsoft’s Techfest conference is happening this week, providing the company with an opportunity to present its view of the future and showcase some of the innovations that its researchers have come up with. Each year, Microsoft Research scientists from across the globe gather to display and discuss their latest projects.

Topics on the agenda at this year’s event include Big Data and more natural interfaces. One project that looks particularly interesting from an AV perspective is Telling Stories with Data via Freeform Sketching.
SketchInsight, a tool that is the centrepiece of the project, was developed at Microsoft Research Redmond by a team led by Bongshin Lee, a researcher in the Computational User Experiences Group.
SketchInsight takes advantage of advances in input technologies such as text recognition, gesture recognition, and pen-and-touch displays to create a “smart” whiteboard. When a team member starts to sketch something such as a chart or a diagram, SketchInsight pulls information from an existing data set, such as an Excel spreadsheet, determines what the goal is, and retrieves real data to complete the drawing.

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