Miami takes big step to becoming smart city

Miami takes big step to becoming smart city
The city of Miami has approved a partnership with CIVIQ Smartscapes to implement a fully integrated smart city ecosystem. The first phase of Miami-Dade’s urban transformation will roll out over the next 3 months— CIVIQ will install and maintain up to 300 interactive digital WayPoints, which will include free public Wi-Fi, over 1,000 Wi-Fi devices in public transit vehicles, and 51 additional Wi-Fi devices for transit stations.

Miami-Dade’s investment will increase access for all residents and visitors.  CIVIQ’s technology provides free high-speed public Wi-Fi to improve citizen mobility and emergency alerts to enhance safety and security throughout the community.

"These new devices and services are much more than a new way to access the internet," said Alice Bravo, Miami-Dade director of transportation & public works. "Greater connectivity in the transit system means increased efficiency, less downtime, and overall better experiences for our passengers."

"This is one of the single largest tech upgrades, providing real-time benefits to residents Miami-Dade I’ve seen in my years here," said Angel Petisco, Miami-Dade CIO.

County Commission chairman Esteban Bovo said, "We are committed to improving the lives of citizens and look forward to delivering free public Wi-Fi, digital county services, and mobility across transit - all at a zero-net cost to taxpayers."

County trains and buses will each contain mobile Wi-Fi networks that will provide internet access for passengers, and allow the county to better track and manage its public transportation system.

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