Meyer to release data for EASE

Meyer to release data for EASE
Meyer Sound has released high-resolution measurement data for its loudspeakers in the GLL (Generic Loudspeaker Library) format for use with EASE design and simulation software.

Now, users of Ease can undertake system design modelling using Meyer Sound self-powered loudspeakers. Furthermore, the GLL format stores data in considerably higher resolution than the EASE SPK database used by previous versions of EASE, resulting in more precise predictions.

John Meyer, CEO of Meyer Sound, said: "The utility of acoustical prediction programs depends on several factors, including the accuracy of the measurement data used to model the individual loudspeakers, the consistency of the product from cabinet to cabinet and on the quality of the algorithms used to process that data. With its adoption of higher-resolution GLL data, EASE has become a much more useful platform for accurate system modelling, enabling its users to evaluate Meyer Sound loudspeaker performance simulations with a good degree of confidence.”

Meyer Sound will release GLL data for its most popular products by May 2009, with all current product data available in that format by June 2009.

The EASE software program was created by Acoustic Design Ahnert, and is developed and supported by the Ahnert Feistel Media Group of Berlin, Germany.