Meyer Sound shows self-powered column arrays

Meyer Sound shows self-powered column arrays
Meyer Sound has announced a new series of self-powered steerable column array speakers, which are on display at the company’s stand at ISE 2010.

The company says that the vertical beamcan be steered up or down by 30 degrees without sacrificing anypower, and can be configured with vertical beam widths up to 60degrees.

The columns are built upon sounddirectivity technology developed in partnership with the Universityof California Berkeley’s CNMAT. They provide 120 degrees ofhorizontal coverage and are available in three versions, with columnlengths ranging from under a metre to 1.8 metres in length.

DSP and amplification are built intothe columns, which support AES/EBU digital and AVB-enabled Ethernetinputs in addition to line level analogue inputs.

Other options include weatherprotection, and custom colouring.

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