Medium UK adds PosterDigital to digital signage line

Medium UK adds PosterDigital to digital signage line
AV distributor Medium UK has added cloud-based digital signage management to its portfolio with the appointment of PosterDigital.

PosterDigital’s signage software is hardware agnostic so compatible with media players such as Samsung SoC, LG webOS, Android and Chromebox.

Roy Martin, connectivity and digital signage business manager at Medium UK, said: “PosterDigital gives Medium UK an exclusive partnership in the Cloud based signage space.

“The flexibility with the product is driven from the large Development team behind PosterDigital; this ensures we can meet the demand from our customers providing a wide range of options through the forward thinking PosterDigital Content Management System.”

Gonzalo Marcos, PosterDigital business developer manager, added: "At PosterDigital we are excited about this partnership because each company can multiply each other's potential; specifically, PosterDigital can benefit from Medium's large customer base. From our side, we can provide a high possibility of customization according to each project, thanks to our team of developers and to PosterDigital's plugin-based architecture."

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