Medical ‘hologram’ market to reach 6.8 bn Euros by 2029

Medical ‘hologram’ market to reach 6.8 bn Euros by 2029
A report published by Maximize Market Research says that the medical ‘holography’ market will reach 6.8 billion Euros by 2029, emerging at a CAGR of 25.3 percent.

The report analyses the global and regional markets by examining key factors influencing market growth, analysing market trends, drivers, challenges and opportunities.

The report claims that ‘holography’ is expected to disrupt the 3D imaging domain due to its improved usability and overcoming limitations in existing 3D systems. Image-guided treatments for cardiovascular illnesses have opened new avenues for minimally invasive, non-surgical procedures such as coronary interventions, arrhythmia catheter ablation therapy and catheter-based structural heat therapies including heart valve replacements.

Broken down by region, the report claims that North America is leading the medical ‘holography’ market, attributed to “significant research efforts” and increased financing in ‘holographic’ technologies.

The report claims that APAC is also exhibiting promising growth driven by rising healthcare spending and awareness of the technology’s benefits in diagnostic procedures. The market’s competitive landscape is believed to be fuelled by ongoing technological breakthroughs and FDA-approvals for innovative products.

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