Media Vision spurs Taiden investment with buyback programme

Media Vision is hoping to stimulate microphone investment with a buyback programme that offers €40 for customers trading old microphones for Taiden units up to July 15, 2014.

Kevin Stoner, director of operations at Media Vision, said: “We accept to trade in any microphone from any manufacturer.

Whether your old solution is a wired, wireless, ceiling-mounted or boundary microphone system, we will take it back and give you 40 euros per microphone”.

Media Vision has stipulated that used microphones must be returned with all accessories, including main unit and cables or batteries, as the company will attempt to recondition them for resale or donation.

“If the system is in working condition, we will strive to find an organisation in need of those products that you no longer want,” said Stoner. “The goal is to keep electronics out of the waste stream”. Damaged microphones will be recycled according to local regulations.