Media Eyes will read the audience

Media Eyes will read the audience
Next month the roll out of three large digital signage screens will begin at Birmingham New Street train station in the UK. Situated at the three main entrances, the 30m x 7m screens will display content tailored to the audience based on images of the individuals passing by and information gleaned from their mobile devices. The Media Eyes are being supplied by British company Ocean Outdoor.

The displays are shaped like large eyes and will broadcast advertising content to millions of people who pass by each year. The Media Eyes will be able deliver content tailored to a specific groups categorised by factors such as the age or gender of those passing in front of the screen’s cameras. It will also be possible to analyse the facial features and gaze time of people who look at the billboard. Furthermore, the displays will provide free Wifi that will gather more information from people nearby that decide to use it. This data will be anonymised, says Network Rail, the company that runs the station.

Ocean Group CEO Tim Bleakley said: “This multi-million pound investment is a significant addition to the Ocean portfolio in a prestige transport and retail environment. The Media Eyes will allow advertisers to reach premium rail passengers, business and retail audiences in one of the UK’s fastest growing cities.”

Chris Montgomery, Birmingham New Street project director, said: “We are really pleased to have the Ocean Group on board for this innovative and iconic part of the project. The Media Eyes will have full motion picture media content which will bring even more vibrancy and movement to the station.”

The media content for the Eyes will display a portion of community content as well as commercial advertising. The screens can also be used to display station messaging in emergency situations.