Matrox supports open standards video with SRT membership

Matrox supports open standards video with SRT membership
Matrox Graphics has joined the SRT Alliance, a group promoting an open source video transport protocol that was founded by Haivision and Wowza.

Ron Berty, Maevex product manager at Matrox Graphics, said: “Matrox believes in the use of true standards-based encoding versus the use of proprietary technologies in AV-over-IP.

“We believe that the SRT alliance is a step in the right direction to reduce latency while supporting the use of open standard codecs.”

SRT will be incorporated in Matrox Maevex 6100 and 6150 quad 4K enterprise encoders by the end of the year, with a complete roadmap of Matrox-SRT implementation to follow. 

David Chiappini, vice president of research and development at Matrox, said: “As we increasingly look to IP networks for transport of video content, standardised and open technologies—such as H.264—are crucial foundations for lasting and transformative solutions. 

“Adding to the rich palette of protocols supported by Matrox products, SRT will augment the reach, usefulness, and richness of private and public web-based video.”

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