Martin Audio’s MLA system debuts in Taipei Arena thanks to MSI Japan Taiwan

AUTHOR: Inavate

MSI Japan Taipei, part of the MSI Japan HD Group, has given Martin Audio’s MLA system its debut in a recent show held at the Taipei Arena in Taiwan.

The MLA system was used to provide audio for the first performance of the Taiwanese leg of Masaharu Fukuyama’s, a famous Japanese artist, current We’re Bros tour. The artist had previously employed the MLA system for the Japanese leg of his tour and decided to continue with the equipment to provide a homogeneous concert experience to his fans.

Without the need for delay towers, the MLA system can provide consistent sound pressure lebels and frequency response throughout a venue. Its characteristics have led the speaker system to gain popularity in Japan and across Asia.

Shuzo Fujii who is the president of MSI Holdings says: "The Asian market is gradually waking up to this brand new MLA technology. I believe that the trend in touring loudspeaker technology worldwide will eventually move towards this kind of multi-cellular array principle."