Martin adopts new EASE model

Martin adopts new EASE model
Martin Audio has announced its adoption of the new EASE GLL format for its versatile Omniline micro line-array system.

EASE is one of the most established and widely-used acoustic prediction programs available. However, until now, separate, plug-in DLL (Dynamic Link Library) software programs have been needed to enable EASE to predict the performance of complex line arrays. The new GLL (Generic Loudspeaker Library) format included in EASE 4.2 is an advanced data format that allows for more accurate and sophisticated modelling of line arrays, clusters and columns.

From its introduction as a concept in 2005, Martin Audio recognised the GLL as a major step forward — with entire systems, including high-resolution complex acoustic data, crossover filters and mechanical properties all bound together in one file.

The flexibility of a GLL also allows implementation of Martin Audio’s newly developed diffraction-corrected data techniques for the Omniline and band-zoning with products such as the W8LC.

A particularly useful feature is the ability to import and export whole system configurations. This allows seamless inter-operability between EASE and Martin Audio’s newest optimisation software, so that entire array systems complete with filters can be passed directly into EASE.

Throughout the beta development stages, Martin Audio has received excellent support from the Ahnert Feistel Media Group and will be working on transforming all current line array data into the GLL format.

All future EASE data for new products will be released as GLLs.