Major EU / US co-operation announced

AUTHOR: Inavate

The globalisation of the AV market continues apace with the announcement last week of a joint effort by European AV integrators Impact and the USA-based Whitlock Group. Named the Global Presence Alliance this joint venture is intended to provide seamless global AV services, with consistent support for offices on both sides of the Atlantic.

Doug Hall, CEO of The Whitlock Group commented: “As competition and demands rise in the global market place, the delivery of efficient, seamless and reliable systems is a necessary business practice. Customers require standardisation of designs and programming interfaces to maintain consistency and quality of service across their enterprise. With the formation of the Global Presence Alliance, we are uniquely positioned to provide fully integrated solutions on an international scale.”

Initially focused on Europe and the USA, the strong implication is that there are plans to further build the international footprint of the alliance. The news announcement states that the alliance is already in communication with additional integrators across the Asia Pacific, Middle East and African regions.