Magic table uses interactive projection to help dementia patients

Magic table uses interactive projection to help dementia patients
Developed in the Netherlands specifically for people with dementia, the Tovertafel Magic Table is being used across Europe. It consists of a portable box which can be hung from the ceiling, which projects interactive images on to any surface below.

Through a series of interactive light games, such as catching fish, or sweeping away Autumn leaves, the Magic Table stimulates the minds of care home residents through sensory involvement. 

Graham Oakes, a manager at Somerleigh Court residential home in Dorchester told the Dorset Echo newspaper, "As soon as we saw the Magic Table being demonstrated, we knew that we had to get one and are very pleased that we did.

"It is already very popular as it is easy for everyone to use, with residents, family members and staff all being able to take part in an activity together that brings a smile to everyone’s face. As part of a wider initiative to enhance the dementia unit at the development, we are delighted to be among the first retirement living communities in the UK to embrace this innovation.”

Tovertafel was developed in the Netherlands and launched in March 2015, since then there have been 500 Tovertafels installed in care homes in Benelux.

Tovertafel was developed by PhD student Hester Le Riche, who wanted to create something to stimulate physical and mental activity in people with later stage dementia. 

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