Magewell capture and encoding units boost remote medical workflows for Careprod Technologies

Magewell capture and encoding units boost remote medical workflows for Careprod Technologies
A subsidiary of healthcare-focused integration and AV production company Careprod, Careprod Technologies develops automated solutions tailored to operating rooms and medical videoconferencing. Its flagship product is the remote medical proctoring system now known as Orsync.

First named Skill Assist and subsequently Lynks before its latest rebranding, Orsync is a 4G/5G mobile video assistance system that enables on-site and off-site surgeons to securely train, monitor, collaborate and communicate with each other in real time. 

Originally designed to meet neurovascular needs for a leading medical device manufacturer, Orsync has evolved to meet the requirements for a wide range of surgeries. Currently, the solution has enabled over 299 cases to be broadcast live from operating rooms to specialists around the world, and more than a hundred kits have been deployed worldwide.

When Careprod Technologies was developing Orsync, they needed flexible video connectivity solutions for bringing diverse signals into the system from a variety of medical equipment. And of course, given the critical nature of medical use cases, video quality and reliability were also paramount.

“When connecting to medical devices, the frame rates and video formats are often different than standard video signals,” said Loic Lalet, CEO of Careprod Technologies. “Robustness and reliability in handling these specialized video crucial for medical applications, where they need to be transmitted without any loss of data or signal degradation.”

Careprod Technologies chose Magewell products, and Magewell capture, encoding and streaming products are tightly integrated into the Orsync system. Each Orsync kit is equipped with an Eco Capture Dual HDMI M.2 video capture card, Ultra Stream live streaming encoder, and one or more Ultra Encode HDMI live media encoders.

The Eco Capture card enables users to connect HDMI video feeds from any medical equipment directly to the Orsync application running on a portable CPU unit. Eco Capture’s compact form factor (22x80mm) made it suitable for incorporation into the small host system. 

HDMI or SDI video feeds from additional medical equipment can be connected to the standalone Ultra Encode units, which encode the source video into NDI|HX streams and transmit them to Orsync over Wi-Fi. An Ultra Stream unit embedded within the host CPU unit encodes a dedicated video output from the system’s Nvidia CPU for RTMP streaming and recording of the entire session. 

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