Magenta CEO retires

Magenta CEO retires
Magenta Research’s CEO and founder, Keith Mortensen has retired from the company and will be replaced by Bob Michaels who will take over as president.

Mortensen, who founded the video, audio and control signal distribution and switching company 11 years ago, said he left with mixed emotions. “While it has been my privilege to work with the talented and driven people that enabled Magenta to get where it is today, I excitedly look forward to exploring new opportunities and challenges,” he said.

Michaels, who joined the company in early 2008, will take over as president.

Mortensen continued, “I hand picked Bob 18 months ago specifically for this purpose. He has been effectively running the day to day operations since coming on board and I am thrilled to pass on the reins of the company to an individual whose strong focus on technology gain and expansion into international markets will ensure Magenta’s continued leadership in the industry.”

Michaels added, “Each individual here at Magenta has great appreciation for everything Keith accomplished, both professionally and personally. His vision and leadership enabled Magenta and its employees to thrive during his tenure.”

He continued, “Having made significant strides in our development programs over the past year; we will use InfoComm 2009 as a platform to introduce a number of new products that address a wide range of applications for switching and distribution of AV in the digital domain.”

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