Macom throws weight behind European VR competence centre


Consultancy macomGroup has opened an office in the research and transfer centre for digital reality (FTZ) of HAW Hamburg (Hamburg University of Applied Sciences).

The facility is in the middle of Hamburg’s Speicherstadt and bridges the gap between research, start-ups and companies developing digital reality applications for economy, industry, events, culture and education. 

Oliver Mack, managing partner of macom, said: “In the FTZ we are working on projects and research papers with a practical orientation to the topics of digital reality, digitisation and agile working. The results are directly flowing into our consulting and design projects. We are increasingly receiving requirements from the market to integrate digital reality into projects and are developing our own products here. We have moved into our own office in the FTZ with three permanent employees working on focusing on mixed reality work.”

The FTZ in the Kreativspeicher M28 on Sandtorkai 27/28 in Hamburg’s Speicherstadt is a part of Europe’s biggest VR competence centre. Since the end of September students of the new master’s programme “Digital Reality” of HAW Hamburg have had the opportunity to learn, understand and design new virtual technologies and forms of working within the framework of practical projects.