macom’s expanded tech lab brings virtual projects to life

macom’s expanded tech lab brings virtual projects to life
AV consultancy macom has expanded its technology laboratory with an executive briefing area, digital reality application, co-working room and a huddle space.

MacomLab opened in late 2016 in Stuttgart, Germany and has acted as facility for macom to develop digitalisation strategies and evaluate collaboration technologies with companies including Boston Consulting Group, Daimler, Fidelity, L'Oréal, Merck, Porsche and Volkswagen. The recent expansion has extended the area of the lab from 120 sq m to more than 160 sq m. 

Oliver Mack, managing director of macom, said: “Many companies are still struggling with the demands of digitalisation. If concrete digitalisation projects are to be implemented in workspaces, we often see that the large variety of technical solutions and the concern about a lack of ROI are an impediment. This is where the macomLAB comes in. 

“There, companies can test agile work and innovation processes with the help of interactive hardware and software. That way, they can find suitable solutions for their own processes and workspaces.”

The new executive area offers users an environment to discus insights from macom workshops and for planning a further courses of action. A large wall-mounted LED video wall enables the flexible display of all workshop results. 
Collaboration in macom lab
The macomRoom digital reality application is designed to bring offices, interactive workspaces and innovation laboratories to life in the early planning stages. With the help of the software, planned rooms can be configured and visualised in real time using mixed reality goggles, tablets or notebooks and can be entered virtually. This not only speeds up the planning process, but also provides greater transparency through support such as the display of viewing distances and thus increases acceptance for the planned implementation. 

The new CoWorking room and the huddle space offer expanded capacities for flexible working. The CoWorking room with four to six workplaces and an interactive display for meetings and video conferences offers a group or individual working area. In the huddle space a digital signage area for infotainment and ad-hoc meetings is available.

In addition, the macomLab has a large collaboration area with a 6m long interactive projection screen where various collaborative working scenarios can be set up and used for workshops. Customers can test potential hardware and software technologies for their own workspaces. Interactive LCDs with integrated cameras and soundbars facilitate video conferencing and collaborative work.