London’s iconic Piccadilly Lights are switched back on

London’s iconic Piccadilly Lights are switched back on
The world-famous Piccadilly Lights were switched back on yesterday after a nine month renovation. Land Securities, the owner of Piccadilly Lights, has replaced the original patchwork of screens with a single Daktronics 4K LED screen and live technology hub, which allows the screen to react to certain external factors, such as the weather or temperature.

This feature enables brands to display creative content such as weather-appropriate clothing. The technology does not collect or store any personal data and is unable to record images or audio.
Coca-Cola, Samsung, Hyundai, L’Oréal Paris, eBay, Hunter and Stella McCartney are now advertising on the newly-launched screen, which is managed by Ocean Outdoor.
  An estimated 100 million people pass through Piccadilly Circus each year.  The first illuminated advertising hoarding at Piccadilly Circus was a Perrier sign, installed in 1908.

Digital projectors were first introduced in 1998, and LED displays completely replaced neon by 2011.

Coca-Cola has had a sign at Piccadilly Circus since 1954.

The new display is 17.56m high x 44.62m wide, with a greater than 4K resolution (5490 x 2160), and 8mm pixel pitch screen.

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