Bank interviews candidates in VR to find digital leaders

Bank interviews candidates in VR to find digital leaders
For most people interviews are nerve-wracking enough, but what if your skills were going to be tested in a virtual realm?

Gone should be the days when a job candidate simply says how they would react to a problem – instead they should actually show an employer, according to Lloyds Banking Group.

The UK-based bank is launching a scheme that uses VR to put prospective job candidates through their paces. Interviewees will be expected to don a headset and complete a number of tasks involving moving objects (using tracked motion controls) in virtual environment as the company monitors how they react to different scenarios.

Why? Lloyds has commented that they feel this will give them the chance to assess job hopefuls in a manner "that would otherwise be unfeasible in the conventional assessment process.” The scheme will begin in autumn as part of a big recruitment drive for the bank’s 2017 Digital and IT Graduate Schemes.

Time will tell if VR leads to fruitful recruitment for businesses, but Lloyds state that they believe move affirms their “commitment to hiring the digital leaders of the future.”

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