Listen Technologies appoints Ampetronic as UK distributor

Listen Technologies appoints Ampetronic as UK distributor
Listen Technologies Corporation has appointed Ampetronic as its UK distributor through the formation of a new company, Ampetronic Assistive Listening.

Effective immediately, Hearing Loop systems manufacturer and supplier Ampetronic will support and distribute Listen Technologies’ assistive listening solutions across all product categories and market sectors.

Ampetronic and Listen – a designer, manufacturer and supplier of assistive listening products for more than 16 years - have a well-established alliance. Listen has distributed Ampetronic’s Hearing Loop products in the American market for a number of years. By representing Ampetronic’s loop technology in the USA, Listen has been able to offer a full range of assistive listening systems that suit the wide range of different possible applications. Ampetronic Assistive Listening will now be able to offer a full array of technology products to the UK.

“We’re really excited to be the ones to shine a light on Listen’s new products in the UK,” said Ampetronic’s MD Julian Pieters.

Listen Technologies CEO Russell Gentner, said: “Hearing Loops have always been the go-to assistive listening application in the UK markets, as they are the most popular with telecoil-enabled hearing aid and cochlear implant users, who are in the majority in the UK.
“However it is not always practical to install a Hearing Loop, and there are many scenarios where IR or FM is either more suitable or the only option. Ampetronic recognizes this and will be able to impartially apply their considerable resources and expertise to providing the most suitable solution to their clients in all applications.”

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