Liquavista prototypes flexible electrowetting displays

Liquavista prototypes flexible electrowetting displays
Regular readers of InAVate Digital will know that we’ve been following the development of Liquavista’s electrowetting technology with some interest. We have previously reported on the announcement of the technology’s development and also the unveiling of its first colour displays. Now the team has demonstrated the first prototypes of its technology applied to flexible colour displays with a video on the company’s home page.

In an announcement the company’s CEO, Guy Demuynck states: “We’re really excited to be able to demonstrate yet another significant benefit of electrowetting display technology with the development of these prototypes. We are bringing to market a unique display that can run video in colour at low power and has the added advantage of an unbreakable screen which is lightweight, thin, flexible and robust.”

“This new prototype is a first important step in paving the way for high volume manufacture of displays on flexible substrates” added Johan Feenstra, Liquavista’s CTO and Founder, “This clearly demonstrates that electrowetting technology is not only compatible with standard glass substrates but can in fact be manufactured on any substrate. The pace at which we have been able to continue to show advanced technology features is further proof of the simplicity and versatility of our technology.”

A full explanation of the principles behind the electrowetting technology is contained in the company’s white paper, you can find this in the white paper section, and on Liquavista’s own homepage.

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