Lightware powers unique video mapping festival

Lightware powers unique video mapping festival
The Video Mapping Festival returned to Haute-de-France, relying on Lightware optical extenders to present video mapping in all of its forms.

Focused on projection, video gaming, immersive projects and interactive video mapping, the event showcases 25 unique video mapping creations, hosted by the Les Rencontres Audiovisulles cultural organisation. 

Lightware’s optical extenders enabled the organisation to transmit video and audio signals from the media server to projectors over distances of up to 150 metres. 

Lightware technology is used in various projection mapping installations, both indoors and outdoors, handling tight schedules as imposed by live events. 

Aurélien Wojtko, video engineer and visual artist, Les Rencontres Audiovisuelles, commented: “Lightware's equipment fully meets our expectations. It corresponds exactly to our technical needs in the field for our magnificent projection mapping!” 

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