LifeSize jumps gun on iPhone 5 announcement but continues mobile push

AUTHOR: Inavate

Logitech division Lifesize is furthering its push into mobile videoconferencing, adding HD capability for iPad 2 and pledging support for forthcoming iPhone platforms.

Speaking to InAVate on October 3, Michael Helmbrecht, vice president of product marketing at LifeSize, hinted that the company’s ClearSea application could be run on the anticipated iPhone 5.

It seems Apple took LifeSize by surprise when it launched the iPhone 4s on October 4 but presumably the company still intends to support the new platform when, or shortly after, it comes to market.

Helmbrecht stressed that Lifesize was dedicated to supporting mobile devices as IT departments were increasingly shifting to a model that allowed employees to use or select their own devices for work.

“We’ve seen that, whether it’s for sales people that travel or executives, the ability for communication from any type of device, from anywhere, and to anyone is really important,” said Helmbrecht. “We bought Mirial to extend video calling to a wide variety of platforms and we’re investing in this area very aggressively.”

The stance is evident in the company’s recent activities surrounding the iPad 2. The device can now receive HD and send a more fluid and higher frame rate.