Lifesize announces SLA for cloud-based video conferencing

lifesize cloud service on multiple device screens

Lifesize has announced a financially backed Service Level Agreement to support its cloud-based video service.

The SLA will support Lifesize Extreme Support customers where its communication and collaboration services are business-critical.  

It guarantees 99.9 per cent availability for its video conferencing customers with Extreme Support, subject to 0.1 per cent unplanned downtime per month.

The service allows customers to sign into and initiate a video call through the cloud-based service on a 24/7 basis. Extreme Support also incorporates full access to the Lifesize support team, as well as dedicated on-boarding and lifetime account management.

The company state if they do not meet these standards of service that the customer will be eligible to receive a 10 per cent service credit of its monthly contract value toward its next annual subscription renewal.