LG unveils roll up and see-through OLED displays

LG unveils roll up and see-through OLED displays
LG has unveiled two 18-inch OLED displays – one which can be rolled up and another that is transparent. While these are nifty gimmicks aimed at consumers, the promise of larger displays being produced in future should be enough to get systems integrators interested. Through the use of polyimide film, the 1,200 x 810 pixel flexible display created by LG can be rolled up into a cylinder with a radius of 3m.

The company says by using this technology it will be able to create displays larger than 50 inches in the future.

The smaller screen LG has created boasts the obvious benefit of being easy to transport, but when larger roll up screens hit the market it could change how and where video is delivered and how immersive installations are designed and executed. For instance panoramic theatres, currently made up of multiple projectors blended together, could potentially be delivered through the use of flexible screens, saving set up time and cost.

Sleek corporate installs have already seen displays mounted in glass wall panels in offices and receptions; one such project where transparent screens would be ideal. These displays are created with LG’s transparent pixel design technology and boast a transmittance of 30 percent.

"We are confident that by 2017, we will successfully develop an Ultra HD flexible and transparent OLED panel of more than 60 inches, which will have transmittance of more than 40 per cent and a curvature radius of 100R, thereby leading the future display market," said In-Byung Kang, senior vice president and head of the R&D Center at LG Display.