LG to launch LED cinema display

LG to launch LED cinema display
Marking its first foray into the cinema screen market, LG is entering the cinema market arena with its LED Cinema display, reportedly offering uniformity of picture and colour accuracy.

LG reports that its LED Cinema includes individually lighting LEDS for a deep black and sharp contrast.

The question of LED vs projector screes in cinemas has been a hot button topic in the industry since the world’s first cinema LED installation was carried out in July 2017 with a 10.3m wide, 4K Samsung LED cinema screen at Lotte Cinema World Tower in Seoul.

Sony was among the other vendors developing direct-view LED displays for cinema applications at this time. 

Samsung’s display was paired with an audio system from Harman Professional Solutions’ Cinema Group and Samsung’s Audio Lab, however it is currently unclear if LG plans to combine its new cinema screen with an audio system of its own. 
Details are currently thin on the ground, however LG reported that the LED cinema screen display will have a lifetime of 100,000 hours, with more details set to be announced soon. 

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