LG to create 60 flexible OLED

LG to create 60 flexible OLED

LG will spearhead a drive to create a 60" flexible OLED display by 2017, according to a report in the Korea Herald. The South Korean government has thrown its weight behind the project that will see LG lead a consortium of companies, including Avaco, to conduct research and development activities to achieve this aim. The companies will also be looking to provide transparent display options.

If the display is produced it will have a huge impact on the commercial market with potential applications in retail, transport and visitor attraction markets.

The project is part of the government’s "Future Flagship" programme and will be led by The Ministry of Knowledge Economy, which aims to boost the Korean economy by boosting jobs in exports.

South Korea is home to a number of large corporations, which have helped its dramatic economic development and are well supported by the country’s citizens and government. It is interesting to note the LG was selected over Samsung, another South Korean electronics giant that has ploughed a lot of money into flexible OLED in recent years.

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