LG signs Sky for 15,000 3D TVs

LG signs Sky for 15,000 3D TVs
LG has sold 15,000 3D TVs to British Sky Broadcasting Group in anticipation of 3D showings of UK Premier League matches.

The Korean electronics giant says the deal represents its largest 3D TV sale so far. Sky plans to install the TVs in public venues across the UK in advance of plans to provide weekly 3D broadcasts of the football matches beginning this spring.

Sky has been developing its 3D system for the launch of Sky 3D, a dedicated 3D TV channel, this April. For the preview event in January, the broadcaster installed LG 3D TVs in nine selected pubs throughout the UK for the screening of the Barclays Premier League match between Arsenal and Manchester United.

In addition to Sky, LG has also struck deals with other partners around the world as part of its strategy to highlight sporting events on its 3D TVs.

Earlier this month, LG announced a deal to supply 3D TVs to India’s Valuable Group, the biggest media and entertainment company in India, for broadcast of the final four cricket matches of the Indian Premier League in April.

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