LG develops 77-in transparent and flexible OLED display

LG develops 77-in transparent and flexible OLED display
LG has developed a 77-inch flexible and transparent OLED display. The display offers Ultra HD (UHD) resolution of 3840x2160 with 40% transparency and 80 radius of curvature. The panel can be rolled up to a radius of 80mm without affecting the function of the display.

LG Display has previously unveiled an 18-in flexible OLED panel with 30 radius of curvature that is rollable and an 18-in transparent OLED panel in 2014, and a 55-in transparent OLED panel with 40% transparency in 2016.

“LG Display, opened the large-sized OLED TV market in 2013, has been leading the OLED industry and will continue to bring innovation to the market,” said Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer In-Byung Kang. “We pledge to provide differentiated value as the leader in the future display market.”

LG has made it clear this technology isn't for consumers, but is being aimed at commercial markets including digital signage, augmented reality, and in-car dashboards.

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