LG and Odeon open first LED cinema with Dolby Atmos

LG and Odeon open first LED cinema with Dolby Atmos
LG has collaborated with Odeon Multicine to open the first fully LED cinema with Dolby Atmos in Madrid, installing LG Miraclass LED technology.

Located at the Gran Plaza 2 shopping centre in Majadahonda, Madrid, the cinema is fully equipped with six new cinema screens using Miraclass LED technology and Dolby Atmos audio.

More than 200m2 of screens were installed, integrating more than eight million pixels with a pitch of 2.5mm and DCI P3 colour accuracy which is capable of displaying up to 68,700 million different colours.  

The screens support 2D and 3D movies, with brightness able to be configured from 48 to 300 nits. Three rooms are equipped with 55m2 screens with LG Miraclass 4K LED quality, with a capacity of between 60 and 120 seats.

The other screens can accommodate up to 40 people with a screen area of 14m2.

Additionally, LG Business Solutions’ Multi V system was installed, including air handling units with direct expansion batteries, offering air condition control as well as the ability to measure temperature, humidity, and air quality to maintain ideal conditions for moviegoers.


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