LG 55 display doubles as a mirror

LG 55 display doubles as a mirror
Curved displays - notably 105" models from Samsung and LG - dominated display news coming out of the CES show in Las Vegas last week. However, to much less fanfare LG quietly showed off a 55" mirror display that will catch the eye of anyone involved in technologies for retail. The unit acts as a mirror whether off or on meaning it has a purpose when not in use and supports the display of pop-up content around a reflected image.

The 55” unit has a small 15mm bezel, boasts full HD resolution (1920 x 1080) and supports multitouch.

As a user turns in front of the mirror the unit can take a 360° shot that can be captured and rotated afterwards.

In a retail application this could allow consumers to virtually try on clothes and accessories enabling with a complete view of how a new outfit could look.

Other applications LG mooted included a photo booth with the ability to edit photos at the display and as an access point for calendars and schedules.

LG wouldn’t be drawn into revealing a release date but reports from CES indicate that we could see commercial units by the end of the year.