Leyard 'wall of wonder' wows visitors at Molecular Biology Lab

The European Molecular Biology Lab turned to an LED ‘wall of wonder’ to impress and inform the next generation of scientists at the World of Molecular Biology exhibition.

Located in Heidelberg, Germany, this 800 sq.m. exhibition tells the story of life through 45 AV exhibits, combining traditional AV, VR, interactive and tactile elements, grouped into three unique zones.

 Leyard Europe supplied a 4K CarbonLight VX LED screen for the installation, a 1.9mm pixel pitch display that occupies 8mx4m of space.

Content is supplied via a 7thSense media server, with Pixielab Blocks for show control.

Integrator DJ Willrich took on the design and installation of the technology within the exhibition, with the screen displaying images captured by electron microscopes housed in an adjacent room, scaling up micro-organisms that are too small to be seen by the human eye, blowing up a cell less than 20 microns in size to a gargantuan eight metres wide.

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